Go Hard Chick Podcast

Join Host and certified Health Coach Kristal Holmes as she explores all things health, fitness, and wellness in her bi-weekly podcast Go Hard Chick.  

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Self-Care: I Quit My Job, The Power of “No”, and More

In this solo episode, I discuss what I have been up to the last 3 months and how I had to prioritize my self care.  One of the biggest...

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My Autoimmune Journey: Beating Hashimoto’s Disease

In February 2020, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease.  I have learned that the disease is now in remission, so I wanted to share a bit about my journey....

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Is Self Sabotage Holding you Back?

In this episode, I unpack self sabotage. We may all engage in self sabotage, but may not even realize it. During my own journey to better my mental health,...

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Improving the Health of Black Women with Dr. Cedrina Calder, M.D.

In Episode 21 I am joined by Dr. Cedrina Calder, M.D., also known as the Fit Doc. Dr. Calder is a public health physician and fitness pro based in...

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Attitude of Gratitude

EPISODE 20: Attitude of Gratitude I am so thrilled that I have reached Episode 20! I am thrilled and grateful. So, in celebration, I bring you a quick podcast...

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Know your Worth: Understanding Celibacy with Kimberly Diamond

In Episode 19, I am joined by Kimberly Diamond. Kimberly is a Life Coach and Holistic Health Coach. In 2010, Kimberly launched her business KIMestry, LLC with the mission...

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I'm Kristal Holmes

Born and raised in Gary, Indiana, I am an attorney, mom, jewelry designer, fitness junkie, and now podcaster.  So, basically, I am a Go Hard Chick!

In 2020, I created the Go Hard Chick Podcast. Perfect for busy professionals, hard-working moms, and anyone who would like their fitness questions answered by a like-minded individual, Go Hard Chick is a health and fitness podcast for women. Equal parts inspiration and information, the podcast covers topics from weight management to diet to motherhood. I like to bring a level of intensity to everything I do, from my fitness regime to my work as an attorney, which has earned me the nickname ‘the Go Hard Chick’. On the podcast, this self-proclaimed fitness junkie motivates other women to live healthier, fuller lives through better health, wellness and exercise.