Understanding Infertility with Dr. Obehi Asemota, MD

In Episode 16, I am joined by Dr. Obehi Asemota, MD who is the founder and medical director of Hope Fertility; a fertility clinic located in the Metro Atlanta area. She specializes in all aspects of reproductive medicine, including fertility preservation (egg and embryo freezing), in vitro fertilization/intracytoplasmic sperm injection, LGBTQ+ reproduction, ovulation induction, third party reproduction, and recurrent pregnancy loss. Her practice is focused on working with couples who are struggling with infertility, to assist them in building a healthy family by empowering and educating them on all available fertility treatment options.

Issues we discuss:

· Causes infertility in women

· The importance of a healthy lifestyle and fertility

· When should a couple or woman get an infertility evaluation

· Chances of having multiple babies

· How long do fertility treatments take to work

· The success rate of fertility treatments

Connect with Dr. Asemota:

Website: https://hope-fertility.com/

Phone: (404) 401-5055

Email: info@hope-fertility.com

Instagram: @drobehiasemota

Connect with me:

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